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Blog: World Diabetes Day: a few links

Screening for DR by Terry Cooper

Image: Screening for DR by Terry Cooper

14 November is World Diabetes Day. This posts pulls together some resources to mark this important ‘health day’. As the DR Essential List is being revised, here is a link to the old version. While we finalise that document, here are some key DR resources for you:

DR Barometer

One more DR resource: IAPB, the International Federation on Ageing (IFA), International Diabetes Federation (IDF) and Bayer have launched a unique study of almost 7,000 adults with diabetes and health care professionals from more than 40 countries–the DR Barometer Study. DR Barometer highlights the urgent need for clear patient care pathways. Furthermore, it underscores the need for robust, responsive health systems around the world to prevent unnecessary vision loss associated with diabetes. Do check out the DR Barometer Study.

Vision Atlas

The IAPB Vision Atlas website is a compilation of the latest data and evidence on avoidable blindness. Its a great resource and has some fantastic pages on Diabetic Retinopathy. Nick Kourgialis’ piece on DR sets the pace for what to expect with DR prevalence in the future. It also includes a powerful web-tool that helps people understand how DR effects their vision.

Happy World Diabetes Day–let’s keep an eye on Diabetes.

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