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Blog: This is our Vision

In 2019, FREY established a partnership with ‘Treating with a Mission’, an independent Polish association, whose mission is to provide development aid to Kenyan hospitals by shipping medical equipment, and leading healthcare workshops for their hospital health care personnel. Treating with a Mission is a unique project made up of medical, midwifery, optometry students and Doctors.

The association’s activities began at Poznan University of Medical Sciences in 2015. After several years, Treating with a Mission has grown into an independent organization, with a core focus on delivering improved health care outcomes across Africa. Delivering high quality health care across Kenya, is compromised due to the lack of qualified health care professionals and shortage of functioning medical devices. Hospitals that Treating with a Mission partner with, are mainly located outside of the big cities, in country regions. 2019 project, RefrAction, included the professional services of two Optometrists and an Ophthalmologist. The team commenced cooperation with Art of Music (AoM) association providing eye screening among young students of Ghetto Classics Orchestra based in the Korogocho slums, Nairobi.

Treating with a Mission’ in Kenya

To screen a large number of school students, the team worked no less than two shifts per day. As a result, over 1,200 students, aged between 5 – 17 and their teachers had eye examinations. More than 20 kilograms eye medicine was distributed to people who struggle day-to-day with numerous eye diseases, including corneal ulcers, conjunctivitis, dry eye and glaucoma. 60 kilograms of eye glasses were collected, checked and measured, many with new optics to improve the quality of students’ vision and quality of life. FREY mission is to provide the world with high quality, technologically advanced, easy to use medical devices used to manage eye health and diagnose eye disease. FREY deeply believes in its corporate and social responsibilities, and is very proud to be involved with such an important global eye health initiative, such as the activities undertaken by Treating with a Mission association.

Photo credits: Dominik Halkowicz

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