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Workshop for the Rehabilitation and Training of the Handicapped (WORTH) was established nearly forty years ago by the Swedish Red Cross with the objective of rehabilitating leprosy cured persons generally ostracized by society, through industrial training and employment. WORTH Trust today, is a Fully Self-sustained Rehabilitation Organization. The production centres, which employ mostly persons with disabilities, enable them to generate a surplus, with which the entire cost of its technical training and school for speech and hearing impaired children and outreach activities are met! Registered as a charitable Trust, WORTH is managed by a Board of Trustees made up of eminent persons in diverse fields, united in their common interest in the service of persons with disabilities.

The uniqueness of WORTH Trust is:

  • It trains and rehabilitates disabled persons
  • It provides employment to disabled persons
  • It manufactures products for disabled persons
  • All the products manufactured are by the disabled persons
  • It is a fully self – sustained organization.

Activities of WORTH Trust:

WORTH Trust undertakes the following activities for persons with disabilities:

  • Six Production Centres at Katpadi, Tiruchirapalli and Pondicherry employing mostly persons with disabilities.
  • Manufacture of Assistive Devices for the Visually impaired like Braille Slate, Stylus, Abacus, Taylor Frame etc.,
  • Assembly of the world famous Perkins Brailler.
  • Manufacture of Mobility Aids like Wheelchairs, Tricycles, Walkers etc.,
  • Digitization of Books for the print disabled and embossing a Braille Book.
  • Three Technical Training Centres, where boys and girls with disability are provided free vocational training in Turner, Machinist, Welder and Electronics trades at Katpadi, Tiruchirapalli and Pondicherry.
  • Non-formal training of the differently abled is carried out at our production centers.
  • Government recognized Transitional school for children with speech and hearing impairments from Pre School to V std.
  • Early Intervention Centre to train hearing Impaired infants who are below 3 Years in verbal and auditory Skills.
  • Day activity Centre for the Mentally challenged.
  • DDAWO: WORTH works closely in Association with the district Differently Abled Welfare Office in implementing various Government scheme and conducting various Assessment and Assistive camps.
  • WORTH Trust in its Outreach Programme conducts various awareness programmes highlighting disabled issues at various camps contacted in remote rural areas.

For further information you can visit our website: www.worthtrust.in

WORTH Trust 48, New Thiruvalam Road Katpadi – 632 007 Tamil Nadu, India Tel : 91 (416) 2242739 Fax : 91 (416) 2243939 Mob : 91 9442592306 Email : [email protected]