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VisionSpring is a New York based social enterprise with the mission of expanding access to radically affordable, durable, attractive eyewear in emerging and frontier markets. Founded in 2001 by US optometrist, Dr. Jordan Kassalow, VisionSpring has sold more than 5.5 million pairs of low cost eyeglasses through its outreach, retail and wholesale channels across 43 countries, and has helped generate over $1 billion in increased earning potential at the household level.

VisionSpring specializes in sourcing high quality, low cost optical products such as ready-made glasses, frames, spherical lenses, and accessories, which come with a 1-year warrantee. VisionSpring products are subjected to quarterly quality control assessments by international QC agency PRO QC.

In addition to developing new products and adapting its product selection to fit the demands of the markets it works in, VisionSpring also offers primary health care vision training (near vision screening, vision camp coordination and marketing templates). In select markets, VisionSpring offers local stock thereby reducing the minimum order and lead time as well as small field teams consisting of a business development representative and optical technical advisor set up to support partner organizations. Please inquire to determine if you are located in one of these markets. If your business is not located in these select markets, VisionSpring can procure directly from its suppliers in China and support your organization through its team in the New York office.

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