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Escalon Ophthalmics was established in 1987 and introduced Betadine 5% ophthalmic solution and the first silicone oil approved for use in the US. The company became public in 1996 under the holding company name Escalon Medical Corp, and in 2000, Sonomed, Inc was acquired by Escalon. Since that time through acquisition, product divestitures, partnerships, and product development, the company has grown and expanded its product offerings, and all its ophthalmic products are branded as Sonomed Excalon. What hasn’t changed is our commitment to providing the best products, outstanding service, and doing what it takes to get it right – pure and simple.


Sonomed Escalon is thankful for the work of the many volunteer organisations that provide eye care to underserved communities throughout the world and is pleased to support their efforts by supplying vital ophthalmic equipment where insufficient resources and supplies exits to provide adequate diagnostic and treatment. Some recent initiatives include providing ultrasound equipment to El Centro Nacional de Oftalmologia (only public eye clinic and teaching hospital in Nicaragua) and the Third Eye Project mission in India and Nepal (see videos)

VIDEO Eye Camp Bhojpur, VIDEO – Eye Camp Diktel – The Third Eye Project, VIDEO – Eye Camp Sahara 2010 – The Third Eye Project


ISO13485 CERTIFICATION Sonomed Escalon maintains certification for compliance with ISO 1385 Quality Management Systems for Medical Devices.

RELIABILITY More than a word – reliability is our commitment. Robust design and manufacturing to the highest standards ensure products that work as expected, each and every time they are used, for years and years. That is the reason Sonomed Escalon is known worldwide for its reliable product platforms.

CUSTOMER SERVICE Service and support second to none is our goal and we are pleased when our clients let us know that we are meeting that goal.

Escalon Medical Corp (OTCQB: ESMC) operates in the healthcare market specialising in the development, manufacture, marketing, and distribution of medical devices for use in ophthalmology. The Company owns subsidiary companies that are branded and operate together as Sonomed Escalon.

The Sonomed Escalon group is a leader in ophthalmic diagnostics imaging, providing ultrasound, digital photography, and image management systems. These products have previously been marketed under the Sonomed, Escalon Digital Solutions, and Escalon / Trek Medical brands. Sonomed Inc and Escalon Medical Imaging are wholly owned subsidiaries of Escalon Medical Corp.

The Company seeks to grow its ophthalmic business by focussing on its existing products, developing new products, utilising strategic partnerships, and through acquisition. The Company has its corporate headquarters in Wayne, Pennsylvania and operations in Long Island, New York, New Berlin, Wisconsin, and Stoneham, Massachusetts (USA)