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Natus is a leading provider of medical devices and services used for the screening, treatment and monitoring of common medical conditions in newborn care, hearing, balance impairment, neurological dysfunction, neurosurgery and sleep disorders.

Natus Medical Incorporated is a global company founded in 1989 to develop, manufacture, and market products used by clinicians for the detection, monitoring, treatment, and tracking of common medical disorders that may occur during the time from conception to a baby’s first birthday. This period is critical to every child’s development. By allowing for early detection and treatment, we believe our products can improve clinical outcomes, help reduce costs, and minimize the duration of treatment, unnecessary retesting, or hospital readmission. We design our products to deliver accurate results in a rapid and reliable manner.

In addition, our products address guidelines for standard medical practices as adopted by various medical industry associations such as the American Academy of Pediatrics (“AAP”) and the Joint Committee on Infant Hearing (“JCIH”).

In addition to high quality products that address the critical areas of assessment and treatment of newborns, Natus is committed to providing unparalleled education and support to our customers. Natus provides a combination of online and printed educational materials and training, including inservice guides, competency tests, parent education materials, sample protocols and quick reference guides. Natus education program includes a wide array of e-seminars covering many of our key products and clinical areas.