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Elektron Eye Technology is a UK-based company which designs and manufactures cutting edge ophthalmic instrumentation in partnership with leading eye health experts. This cooperative, collaborative approach allows us to create equipment built around the needs of eye care professionals and the patients they work with every day.

Elektron Eye Technology was first established as Hartest Instruments in 1947. It has been manufacturing and distributing Henson perimeters to an international market since 1986. The Henson range has been designed and developed with the highly respected key opinion leader, Professor David Henson. All our perimeters are manufactured in the UK, guaranteeing exceptional build quality.

Elektron Eye Technology specialises in equipment for the screening and management of glaucoma and those at risk of age-related macular degeneration. Our instruments are used and trusted by eye care professionals across the globe.

The Elektron Eye Technology website is available at www.elektron-eye-technology.com. Here you can find information about all of our products along with your nearest distributor. You may also be interested in signing up to our Newsletter via the Contact us page. Subscribers receive monthly content from EET on the latest eye health news, along with new developments to our product range.

Elektron Eye Technology is driven by innovation and is always monitoring the international ophthalmic market for the latest trends. Our Henson range is defined by innovation. Both our perimeters already offer the only suprathreshold test available with a multiple stimulus strategy. Furthermore, unlike competitor instruments, our ZATA threshold test (Henson 9000) is able to build intelligently on prior data to speed up test times. Both innovations are based on the same guiding principles – to enable patient comfort and operator efficiency, with no impact on diagnostic accuracy. We are regularly developing our Henson range and disseminate all new software updates via our distribution partners to our network of international end users.

Our machines are sold via a network of international distributors with whom we are in regular contact. All of our partners are trained by us to ensure that they have the expertise to provide high quality customer service and technical support to end users. UK-based Elektron Eye Technology staff are also on-hand whenever they may be required to offer remote assistance.