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Adaptica, (part of the He Vision Group) was founded in 2009 and it is an Italian company based in Padova that develops and manufactures simple, smart, portable and AI based devices to detect refractive errors and visual defects.

Adaptica aims to develop and produce the best instruments to perform accurate eye measurements and to speed up the examination time helping medical specialists in the early diagnosis of refractive errors and sight anomalies.

Adaptica’s goal is to lower the gap of the people with ocular impairments that could have been prevented. We offer fast, smart, portable, A.I. based solutions, which give the fastest ROI in the market. Uniqueness and simplicity are what distinguish us. Adaptica represents continuous improvement and solutions rather than just products: Technology, Artificial Intelligence and Cloud storage make us the pioneers in the Eye Care industry.

Our ambition is to revolutionize the standard way to perform eye examination by developing easy to use, portable, simple, smart and A.I. based technologies that guarantee a complete exam, everywhere in the world. Thanks to our EyeROBO® platform we are on the way to revolutionize the Eye Care system. A.I. is the best solution to perform exams in a more efficient and costs effective way, making the highest quality health care services accessible to all.


First and Unique A.I. based Vision Analyzer

The A.I. Revolution in the Eye Care System: KALEIDOS plus is the only Vision Analyzer that makes a complete measurement of Objective Refraction, Amblyogenic Factors’ Screening, with an AI based analysis of Anterior Segment Anomalies, in just 3 seconds. The patient’s eyes are analyzed at the same time in real life vision conditions, with no need of cycloplegic drops.

KALEIDOS plus, powered by the innovative EyeROBO® A.I. based platform, is the best solution to perform exams in a more efficient and costs effective way, making the highest quality health care services accessible to all.

EyeROBO® combines the widest range of eye examinations and technologies in the market, with a unique high-density storage solution for data management and inter-connectivity, addressed especially to screening projects and data collection.

The Anterior Segment AI function is a complete AI system on the cloud for anomalies in the anterior segment of the eye. The AI algorithm running on the EyeROBO platform is based on a Convolutional Neural Network and it has been trained on thousands of pupils. The pupils’ images acquired by KALEIDOS plus during the measurement are instantly processed by the EyeROBO platform and, if any anomaly of the anterior segment is detected, a warning is given to the operator with the indication of the eye, if right and/or left.

Thanks to its special Corneal Reflexes function, KALEIDOS plus is able also to detect possible phorias and tropias. The speed of operation and the variety of detected parameters make KALEIDOS plus the best solution to collect the highest number of information on the patient’s eyes reducing the examination time.

KALEIDOS plus allows to collect, store and process unlimited amounts of data (soon also inside the Adaptica Cloud). KALEIDOS plus provides also EMR integration through shared folder. The shared folder allows to input patient data from your EMR System directly to KALEIDOS plus. Once the measurement is completed, the exam data and exam report are automatically synchronized with your EMR System.

KALEIDOS plus is remotely controlled by a user-friendly application running on a dedicated remote console. Its ease of use allows to delegate measurements also to a not specialized operator and it gives its top performance in screening programs of large populations: the measurement is fully automatic and only requires the operator’s confirmation to start. KALEIDOS plus, thanks to a practical trolley suitcase, can be transported everywhere. The device serves as a portable dark room that allows the examination in any environment and light condition.