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Supplier: CARL ZEISS

Supplier code: 1361-157 (IAPB)


Visulas Green description:

CARL ZEISS Visulas 532S with Visulink. 1361-157

Product Features

  • Product Features
  • Effective and gentle retinal photocoagulation - The VISULAS® 532s is a powerful, diode-pumped solid-state laser. Its built-in thermoelectric cooling system ensures excellent temporal stability of the laser power and thus meets the requirements for reproducible clinical results.
  • Legendary ZEISS optics - Perfectly integrated laser slit lamps guarantee superior slit lamp image quality, which is an important requirement for reproducible clinical results.
  • Gentle laser treatment - The ParFocus™ zoom system delivers a homogeneous, sharply defined and reproducible laser spot on the retina and minimizes heat-related side effects on the patient's cornea.
  • Significantly reduced treatment times - The VISULAS 532s VITE can operate in multi-spot mode without compromising the outcomes of the gold standard. A linear sequence of up to 12 laser pulses can be triggered at the touch of a button on the slit lamp joystick.
  • Navigating with fingertip precision - The electronic micromanipulator allows sensitive, synchronous laser beam positioning and slit lamp illumination.

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