Visalis® 100 Phaco Console

Model:Visalis® 100 Phaco Console


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Supplier: CARL ZEISS

Supplier code: 1744-351 (IAPB)


Visalis® 100 Phaco Console description:

CARL ZEISS Visalis® 100 Phaco Console including Double Linear Footswitch, Reusable ULITE Phaco Handpiece, Reusable Accessories Starter Pack consisting of:- 303060-0054-000 20G Phaco Tip 15° 303060-0054-000 20G Phaco Tip 15° 303060-0055-000 20G Phaco Tip 30° 303060-0101-000 Silicone Sleeve 20G (3 pieces) 303060-0121-000 Phaco Tip Wrench 303060-0155-000 Irrigation Probe for Bimanual Technique 303060-0156-000 Aspiration Probe for Bimanual Technique 303060-0200-000 Reusable I/A Tubing Set with S3

Product Features

  • Product Features
  • The capturing followability of the ZEISS Visalis 100 attracts and continuously engages nucleus fragments on the phaco tip.
  • Unique in its class, it enables a1.8 mm incision, reducing surgically induced astigmatism and accelerating wound healing as described in the literature.
  • The Adaptive Power Control measures and stabilizes the tip stroke, resulting in potentially less stress for your patient's eye
  • Together with the new pulse modes allowing you to minimize the energy applied, the ZEISS Visalis 100 sharply focuses on your patient's eye.
  • The new graphical user interface, new prime options and a new, more ergonomic footswitch with simultaneous linear control of aspiration and ultrasound will let you experience a difference in usability every day!

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