Toyota Corolla Sedan – 4×2 – Petrol – LHD

Model:Toyota Corolla Sedan – 4×2 – Petrol – LHD


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Supplier code: ZRE181-GEFDK-AF (IAPB)


Toyota Corolla Sedan – 4×2 – Petrol – LHD description:

Toyota Corolla Sedan 5 Seater 4×2 – LHD – Model ZRE181L-GEFDK-AF (IAPB), 1.6L Petrol Engine 4 Cylinders, Air conditioning. Ex-Works Gibraltar. Toyota Gibraltar Stockholdings Limited administers the stock of vehicles located in Gibraltar on behalf of Toyota Motor Corporation (TMC) of Japan. Specifications may change.

Product Features

  • Product Features
  • 6 speed manual transmission, fabric seats
  • Power windows

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