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Model:Standard DOT Glasses


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Supplier: DOT Glasses

Supplier code: Standard (IAPB)


Standard DOT Glasses description:

One-size-fits-all adjustable ABS eyeglasses frames with 2 scratch-resistant polycarbonate R2C lenses. Available in black colour. PD of 58.7 to 67.5 Lenses available either in the Radical model (-4.5D, -3.0D, -1.5D, +0.0D, +1.25D, +2.5D) or in the Standard model (full spherical range in 0.5D increments). Spectacles components can be quickly assembled on the spot and adjusted to fit various head shapes and features.

Minimum Quantity – 500

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Product Brochure

For Standard and HowTo Guide – Assembly Manual

Short Video Assembly Manual

Product Features

  • Product Features
  • World's first one-size-fits-all adjustable eyeglasses.
  • Testing and assembly within 2 minutes, directly on the spot.
  • High-quality, high-durability, and good looks.

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