Square edge 10D-30D (S362SQAS-10-30D)

Model:Square edge 10D-30D (S362SQAS-10-30D)


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Supplier: AUROLAB

Supplier code: S362SQAS (IAPB)


Square edge 10D-30D (S362SQAS-10-30D) description:

Posterior chamber IOL 10.0D – 30.0D (15.0D – 25.0D in 0.5D INCREMENTS), Optic 6.0mm, Diameter 12.5mm, 2 holes. PLEASE SPECIFY BREAKDOWN OF DIOPTER SIZES WHEN ORDERING

Product Features

  • Product Features
  • Truedge 360° Square Edge acts as a mechanical barrier for cell proliferation
  • Excellent capsular contact allows no space for the cells to migrate.
  • Aberration Free Optic –Truedge aspheric does not introduce any SA to the implanted eye. It improves the contrast sensitivity in dim and low light conditions. Visual acuity remains undisturbed even during tilt and decentration of optic.

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