plusoptiX S12R – Mobile Binocular Vision Screener

Model:plusoptiX S12R – Mobile Binocular Vision Screener


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Supplier code: plusoptiX S12R (IAPB)


Plusoptix S12R

plusoptiX S12R – Mobile Binocular Vision Screener description:

The purpose of a Plusoptix vision screening device is to empower IAPB members to detect most prevalent vision disorders in children as early as possible. Plusoptix vision screening is possible starting at the age of 5 months and meets the guidelines of AAP Policy statement. Plusoptix S12R can be used by any non-professional, lay person. With the determined measurement values compared to age specific thresholds, a “Pass” or “Refer” visions creening result is displayed. Children with a “Refer” result need to be sent to an eye care professional for an eye examination. plusoptiX S12R measures the refraction of both eyes (binocular) from one meter distance within one second. It provides reliable measurement values of: – Full refraction recording, i.e. sphere, cylinder and axis for follow up examination; – Pupil diameter and pupil distance; – Symmetry of corneal reflexes; With these measurement values it is possible to detect e.g. following most prevelent childhood vision diisroders that may lead to the developement of amblyopia (lazy eye) including: – Hyperopia (farsightness), – Myopia (nearsightness), – Astigmatism (blurred vision), – Anisometropia (unequal refractive power), – Anisocoria (unequal pupil size), – Strabismus (Eye misalignment), – Media opacities (e.g. cataracts or corneal scars);

Product Features

  • Product Features
  • Accurate: Optimal illumination with a unique 54 LED flashlight. Peer reviewed clinical studies proof the accuracy of the algorithm. High-resolution camera
  • Award-Winning: awarded for ergonomic and child-friendly appearance. Iconic smiley face and special warble sound attracts infantĀ“s immediately.
  • Reliable: Plusoptix devices have no moving parts and therefore no physical wear and tear. No regular service and callibration needed!
  • Compatible: Plusoptix offers different models to meet every need. Measurments can be documented on paper or electronically.
  • Plusoptix Vision Screeners can be used by any non-professional, lay person. A "pass" or "refer" result will be shown immediately after the reading.

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