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Supplier: PELLUCID

Supplier code: Pellucid Mob (IAPB)


Pellucid Mobility description:

Pellucid Mobility is an affordable, easy to use, portable system that turns a smartphone/ tablet into a comprehensive mobile eye examination tool.

Get real-time updates and comprehensive reports of your entire outreach eye screening network.

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Product Features

  • Product Features
  • Check Visual Acuity using our dynamic visual acuity charts
  • Disease Heat Maps: Ability to geo-tag all the collated data, and create disease or symptom heat maps using the systems built in GPS
  • Use the table / smartphone to capture, store and tag case related pictures to the patient details in the device
  • Drugs & Glasses: Ability to prescribe drugs and glasses, and present notifications for follow ups
  • Ability to make ophthalmic diagnostic services accessible to everyone, irrespective of location. Can be used for door to door screening, making it easy for patients to receive eyecare

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