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Supplier: Visulytix

Supplier code: Pegasus (IAPB)


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Pegasus is an Artificial Intelligence-based clinical decision support webapp. Pegasus receives colour fundus images and OCT macula volumes and provides a detailed visual analysis, rapidly and accurately detecting signs of a multitude of conditions simultaneously, presenting them via amenable heatmaps and visual aids and an instant pdf report. (Prices are reduced by 20% for those who pay at the top of the month) Fundus image uploads: Between £0.80 and £2.00 per successful upload. OCT image uploads: Between £2.00 and £5.00 per successful upload (each modality is cheaper as monthly usage increases)

Product Information and Specification

Product Features

  • Product Features
  • Unlike other A.I. solutions for ophthalmology, is compatible with two modalities: Colour Fundus Photography and OCT volumes of the macula, for a far more comprehensive approach to decision support. Pegasus is device agnostic, working with almost any colour fundus camera or OCT machine (Zeiss, Nidek, Topcon and more)
  • Detailed, adjustable heatmaps and visual aids show how the A.I. is thinking and remove the "black box" mystery element of the A.I. This also improves the patient journey by letting clinicians show their patients the imagery during the eye exam.
  • Pegasus is a cloud-based webapp with near-instant speed, typically providing reports within seconds. The cloud-based setup also makes the system lightweight, requiring no installation or manual maintenance, whilst maintaining top standards of patient data confidentiality.
  • Pegasus cuts expensive false positives significantly, providing specialist-level accuracy, beating out some of the top specialists at world-renowned institutions at detecting certain conditions.
  • Instant PDF reports, complete with imagery and annotation space, make second opinions and referrals a breeze.

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