Pan Retinal 2.2 Clear

Model:Pan Retinal 2.2 Clear


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Supplier: VOLK

Supplier code: VPRC (IAPB)


Pan Retinal 2.2 Clear description:

Binocular Lenses for Indirect Ophthalmoscope. Classic – 1st Generation Double Aspheric Revolutionizing BIO Lenses In 1956, aspheric ophthalmic lenses for subnormal vision were developed by Dr. David Volk. He found that an aspheric surface corrected the aberrations present in more common spherical lenses. Several developments occurred with the aspheric lens designs through the years, delivering far superior imaging for BIO examinations. In 1982 all Volk lenses for indirect ophthalmoscopy were redesigned with both surfaces aspheric, providing a substantial improvement in image quality. The 20D and other Volk BIO lenses have been known as the industry standard for decades, and are still widely used in every corner of the world today.

Product Features

  • Product Features
  • Advanced patented double aspheric design provides enhanced imaging
  • Excellent for General Diagnosis and Treatment
  • Balance of magnification and field of view for general diagnosis
  • Optimized design facilitates examination through small pupils

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