Microscope Recording Device (MRD)

Model:Microscope Recording Device (MRD)


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Supplier: REMIDIO

Supplier code: MRD (IAPB)


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Microscope Recording Device (MRD) description:

Remidio Microscope Recording Device was conceived being mindful on the raising need for documenting surgeries for evidence and to promote peer-learning in the community. It converts any operating microscope into a high-end digital video recording microscope. Its optical design allows the clinician to look through the binoculars of the microscope for performing the surgeries without worrying about the recording being done perfectly. The acquisition software allows for custom field of view selection, ISO control and selection of depth of focus during recording, allowing the user to create professional videos. The videos are shared to a local storage wirelessly and seamlessly using the proprietary RemidioShare technology.Use of Optical Image Stabilization together with HDR recording ensures extremely high quality videos on the smart phone. Under low light conditions, artificial intelligence algorithms ensure minimal sensor read noise resulting in 3CCD like video quality. MRD comes with a brand new iPhone XR as a package.


Product Features

  • Product Features
  • Simple to use, one time hassle free installation and usage.
  • Intelligent Acquisition and Patient Management Software
  • Optical Image Stabilization and Denoising using AI
  • Automatic video transfer and archival software: Remidio Share.
  • High quality video ourput 4K

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