LIGHTLAS 532 Green Laser Photocoagulator with Slit Lamp Laser Delivery Attachment

Model:LIGHTLAS 532 Green Laser Photocoagulator with Slit Lamp Laser Delivery Attachment


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Supplier: LIGHTMED

Supplier code: LC0010, AD0000 (IAPB)


LIGHTLAS 532 Green Laser Photocoagulator - Slit Lamp Integrated System- SP Mode AND Electrical motorized Dual Column table

LIGHTLAS 532 Green Laser Photocoagulator with Slit Lamp Laser Delivery Attachment description:

Lightlass 532 2.0W Green Laser Photocoagulator with Laser Delivery Adaptor (50-500µm stepped spot size), with micromanipulator to fit Haag Streit or Zeiss of Lightmed Combo Slit Lamps

Product Features

  • Product Features
  • Unparalleled Performance from High Duty Laser SolutionLIGHTLas 532 combines highly innovative laser technology assuring supreme standards of performance and versatility, with up to 10 times better life spancompared to contemporary photocoagulators in the market.
  • Enhanced Treatment by Superb Energy DistributionThe all-new digitally controlled instant-duty cycle circuitry allows ultra fast laser energy feedback loop that monitors each shot and instantly adjusts for stable output, enhancing treatment safety and clinical outcomes.
  • Tissue Friendly sp-mode™ PhotocoagulationThe sp-mode is the latest evolution in LIGHTMED laser photocoagulators offering a novel approach to achieve optimum clinical outcomes whilst eliminating laser-induced thermal tissue damage and treatment side effects
  • Detachable Touch Screen InterfaceThe LIGHTLas 532 features a large 7″ color LCD touch panel, featuring user-friendly in-built PC with programmable and intuitive menu settings in all room conditions.The windows embedded platform was designed to be customizable for future input of data and progressive product upgrades
  • Wireless Foot Pedal with Power Control FunctionThis foot pedal also allows for adjustment of treatment power settings by foot using the side switches.The ergonomic design allows for a hands-free operation and an uninterrupted procedure for increased visual focus.

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