Land Cruiser 200 GX-R Petrol 8 seater

Model:Land Cruiser 200 GX-R Petrol 8 seater


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Supplier code: GRJ200-GNMAK (IAPB)


Land Cruiser 200 GX-R Petrol 8 seater description:

Land Cruiser 200 GX-R V8 Petrol 8 seater GRJ200-GNMAK (IAPB), 4.5L Petrol Engine 8 Cylinders, Air conditioning. Ex-Works Gibraltar. Toyota Gibraltar Stockholdings Limited administers the stock of vehicles located in Gibraltar on behalf of Toyota Motor Corporation (TMC) of Japan. Specifications may change.

TGS are the official suppliers of ex-stock Toyota vehicles for development and humanitarian agencies, and only able to supply vehicles to international NGOs, UN, Red Cross and other aid and charity organisations

Product Features

  • Product Features
  • Fitted with front airbags, ABS brakes & roof rack of a maximum capacity of 200 kg. Engine intercooler not included.
  • Lockable spare wheel mounted under the chassis. Dunlop Grandtrek tyres size 285/65R17 - 8J.
  • 2 fuel tanks of a total capacity of 138L (93L + 45L).

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