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Supplier: DOT Glasses

Supplier code: Kids (IAPB)


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Kids DOT Glasses description:

One-size-fits-all adjustable eyeglasses frames with 2 scratch-resistant polycarbonate R2C lenses for children. Available in multiple colours. PD of 55.5 to 60.5. Spectacles components can be quickly assembled on the spot and adjusted to fit various head shapes and features.

Minimum Quantity – 500

NOTE: Prices shown are FOB. In-country costs available upon request, which differ based on duties, taxes and logistics costs

Product Brochure

For Standard and HowTo Guide – Assembly Manual

Short Video Assembly Manual

Product Features

  • Product Features
  • World's first one-size-fits-all adjustable eyeglasses.
  • Testing and assembly within 2 minutes, directly on the spot.
  • High-quality, high-durability, and good looks.
  • Multiple colours to increase adoption among children

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