Glostavent Helix Duo

Model:Glostavent Helix Duo


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Supplier code: GVHelixDUO (IAPB)


Glostavent Helix Duo description:

Derived from the renowned Glostavent anaesthesia range, the Glostavent® Helix Duo incorporates the same key characteristics of the Glostavent® Helix with the additional advantage of two, low resistance, draw over vaporisers. The twin vaporisers permit the safe delivery of a gaseous induction using Sevoflurane before switching to the more cost-effective Isoflurane to maintain the anaesthetised state. The vaporiser switching mechanism incorporates a ‘break before make’ safety feature to permit seamless and controlled changeover between both vaporisers, with no possibility of having both units in use in the circuit simultaneously. Click below for detailed product information.

Detailed Product Information

Product Features

  • Product Features
  • The Glostavent® Helix Duo is designed to function when power or oxygen fail in the operating theatre and is suitable for adults, paediatrics and neonates.
  • Incorporates an integral 10lpm oxygen concentrator, the Duo machine produces its own oxygen and medical air and has backup power, making it perfect for low resource environments. 
  • Supplied with two vaporisers andunique ‘vaporiser select technology’
  • Oxygen analyser that measures and displays % inspired oxygen concentration, lasts up to 300 hours of battery backup
  • Designed and manufactured with precision in the UK, combining more than two decades of research and development, the Glostavent® Helix Duo is CE certified.

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