Fundus On Phone Non Mydriatic (FOP NM-10) (Integrated Artifical Intelligence Solution)

Model:Fundus On Phone Non Mydriatic (FOP NM-10) (Integrated Artifical Intelligence Solution)


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Supplier: REMIDIO

Supplier code: FOP NM - 10 (IAPB)


Fundus On Phone Non Mydriatic (FOP NM-10) (Integrated Artifical Intelligence Solution) description:

Remidio FOP-NM 10 is the world’s first Smartphone enabled, non-mydriatic, cloud sync’ed retinal imaging system with patented optics design granted in US with FDA approval and CE marking.The intuitive app along with the Smartphone makes it user friendly and helps in accessing the patient data and reports from anywhere. Remidio Fundus on Phone is the most validated system with respect to image quality in the world. It is the only fundus camera that comes as complete Diabetic Retinopathy screening solution along with Offline AI, Medios. Medios AI is the world’s first and only offline CE marked Artificial Intelligence based software tool that powers automated referable Diabetic Retinopathy detection on the Remidio Fundus on Phone, within 10 seconds, with 98% accuracy empowering primary care physicians to complete Diabetic Retinopathy screening on their patients. With every unit of FOPNM-10, an iPhone as a standard accessory.

Product Features

  • Product Features
  • Extremely simple to use - Smartphone based interface combined with intutive app
  • Portable, handheld and versatile - can be used on any slit lamp or Remidio portable chinrest
  • Validated image quality against Zeiss FF450 - Published in PLOSONE journal
  • Advanced image processing options - Image montaging offering large field of view
  • Medios AI powered automated image analysis for detecting diabetic retinopathy within 10 seconds.

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