Fundus On Phone Non Mydriatic (FOP NM-10)

Model:Fundus On Phone Non Mydriatic (FOP NM-10)


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Supplier: REMIDIO

Supplier code: FOP NM - 10 (IAPB)


Fundus On Phone Non Mydriatic (FOP NM-10) description:

Remidio Fundus On Phone Non Mydriatic (FOP NM-10) device is the world’s first and the only Smartphone enabled, validated high quality retinal imaging system which does not require pupil dilation for the pupil sizes above 3.3 mm. The patented optical design on the system uses precision aspheric optics to illuminate and capture images of the retina, with no reflex artefacts, just like high quality, desktop fundus cameras. The FOP NM-10 device is intended for screening of the eye for variety of ocular conditions like diabetic retinopathy; macular edema, vitreous hemorrhages as well as quick screening of Cataract The device gives a minimum field of view of 45°and up to a 10x magnified view of the retina. The image quality has been validated against Zeiss FF 450 system. The built-in smartphone app designed with cloud sync function enables remote view of images in a variety of telemedicine models. Picture storage, archival and retrieval is thus possible in a HIPAA compliant manner. The software also offers advanced options including Image Montaging, Glaucoma Screening Assist and artificial intelligence (AI) based image analysis for automatic diabetic retinopathy detection. The AI validation study has been published in the Nature Eye. Remidio FOP NM-10 has been used in non-specialist contexts like optical shops, diabetologist and endocrinologist clinics, in the convenience of a patient’s home as well as on mobile hospitals, like the Flying Eye Hospital of Orbis. The device can be used both as a standalone table top system as well as in a handheld mode.The device is CE marked, US FDA 510K approved, TGA (Australia) and HSA (Singapore) registered.

Product Features

  • Product Features
  • Extremely simple to use - Smartphone based interface combined with intutive app
  • Portable, handheld and versatile - can be used on any slit lamp or Remidio portable chinrest
  • Validated image quality against Zeiss FF450 - Published in PLOSONE journal
  • Advanced image processing options - Image montaging offering large 800 field of view, Glaucoma Screening Assist
  • AI powered automated image analysis for detecting diabetic retinopathy - Validated to have 95.8% sensitivity for detecting any DR and 99.1% sensitivity for detecting STDR

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