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Supplier: Oertli Instrumente AG

Supplier code: VS840101-0 (IAPB)


Faros description:

The Faros surgical platform enables eye surgery of the highest level while constantly remaining comfortable and intuitively operable. The precise flow control makes the surgeon’s work even simpler and safer than before. The unique SPEEPModeTM makes both flow and vacuum easily controllable, which boasts unsurpassable fluidics as a result. The easyPhaco® technology brings about unsurpassed chamber stability. The HF capsulotomy allows for an incredibly simple capsulorhexis. In addition, Faros has an optional HFDS® application for glaucoma surgery, the innovative continuous flow cutter for traction-free vitreous body removal and up-to-date LED technology. Make the difference – with FarosTM by Oertli.

Please note: Faros is not availablie in the USA

Product Features

  • Product Features
  • High userfriendliness and ready for operation within seven seconds
  • Cutting-edge dual pump system with flow and vacuum control thanks to the unique SPEEPModeTM
  • Integrated compressor for anterior vitrectomy at cutting speeds of up to 2400 cpm
  • easyPhaco® technology for safe and efficient emulsification
  • Continuous Flow Cutter for traction-free vitreous body removal

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