DOT Watch

Model:DOT Watch


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Supplier code: DOT (IAPB)


DOT Watch description:

DOT Watch displays date and exact time in braille, some standalone functions of stopwatch, timer, and customizable alarms. When connected to a mobile device, the value of the refreshable braille display becomes so much more. Users can receive real-time information such as text messages, emails, Facebook, WhatsApp, and any notifications on their DOT Watch. Price US$359.00 (includes one year warranty, global free shipping and insurance)

Product Features

  • Product Features
  • Easy to connect via Bluetooth. Real-time information on the go.- Receving any notifications on your smartphone.- Checking time and a date.- Checking a weather information
  • Stand-alone watch functions.(without bluetooth connection)- Checking time- Timer function- Stopwatch function.
  • Long-lasting battery life.It last 10days with 2~3hours charging
  • 1year of international warranty (2years in EU regions) Protection skin makes the water and dust resistance of the Dot Watch display.
  • Universal design with inclusivity.

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