Cirrus 5000

Model:Cirrus 5000


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Supplier: CARL ZEISS

Supplier code: OCT (IAOCTC) - (IAPB)


Cirrus 5000 description:

Model 5000 The clinical powerhouse OCT

Product Features

  • Product Features
  • Angioplex, Smart HD scans, Advanced RPE Analysis, Live Scanning Ophthalmoscope
  • Visualize the fovea. Spot small areas of pathology. Tightly spaced B-scans, (either 30 or 47 μm apart), in the cube ensure that small areas of pathology are imaged.
  • Fuel for analysis. Millions of data points from the cube are fed into the Zeiss proprietary algorithms for accurate segmentation, reproducible measurements and registration for change analysis.
  • Take the pressure off the operator. As long as the scan is placed in the vicinity of the fovea or optic nerve, the software automatically centers the measurements after the capture.
  • See the tissue from different perspectives. View the cube data from all angles, with 3D rendering, OCT fundus images and Advanced Visualization™.

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