CAT Vision – Compact Acuity Tester

Model:CAT Vision – Compact Acuity Tester


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Supplier: AUROLAB

Supplier code: CAT Vision (IAPB)


CAT Vision – Compact Acuity Tester description:

CAT Vision – Compact Digital Vision Chart

Product Features

  • Product Features
  • CAT Vision box is suitable for 18inch to 32inch display unit(TV/ Monitor Screen with HDMI Port as mandatory), Graphical Menu System, Vector Optotype Charts, HDMI with Full HD charts, 9 Indian & 6 INTL languages, Complete IR Remote Operation,
  • Adjustable testiing distance 6ft to 25ft with 0.25ft increment, Random & Mirror function, Special Charts: Instant Contrast Sensitivity test, Duo chrome, Phoria Test, Aniseikonia test, Astigmatism, Amser Gird, Color Vision test, Fixation target for paediatric
  • Multimedia access through USD port with Audio output, Inbuilt educational video and pictures for patient conselling
  • Special Features: Line & Character masking, White & Black reversion, Opto Random sequence, Calibrating the RED & GREEN for duo chrome test W.R.T filters,
  • Wall mount & Table top option for camp purposes.

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