3nethra classic – Digital non-mydriatic fundus camera

Model:3nethra classic – Digital non-mydriatic fundus camera


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Supplier: Forus Health Pvt Ltd

Supplier code: 3nethra classic / IAPB


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3nethra classic – Digital non-mydriatic fundus camera description:

The 3nethra classic is a digital fundus camera that captures high resolution, undistorted, and uniformly illuminated images of the retina and surface area of the cornea. With state of the art imaging and telemedicine capabilities, the camera is fully equipped to improve diagnostic accuracy and minimize screening time. The camera can be used by clinicians who have an ophthalmology or primary care practice to assist them in the identification of common eye diseases such as glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy, ARMD, and cataract which are vision threatening conditions.


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Product Features

  • Product Features
  • US-FDA cleared, CE marked, and Health Canada registered [Available for sale in the US, UK, Europe, parts of Asia, Africa and Latin America)
  • Nonmydriatic imaging; Multi-functional imaging; Posterior, Anterior and Dry Eye; Peripheral retinal imaging, Short examination time, Compact and portable
  • Compatible with multiple AI systems and telemedicine platforms
  • Easy to use and deploy for mass rapid screening programs

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