The IAPB Essential Lists

IAPB considers appropriate information as a vital resource in improving universal access to eye health. In resource-constrained settings especially, procurement decisions can play an important role in ensuring that a maximum number of people have equitable access to quality services.


An investment in appropriate equipment and other items for the diagnosis and management of eye conditions can enhance sustainability of eye health services, provide a satisfactory social return and enhance the quality of life of the beneficiaries. Therefore IAPB collaborates on the development of a series of ‘IAPB Essential Lists’ to assist NGOs, Ministries of Health, district health services, eye clinics and hospitals in decision-making. These lists are a useful resource to assist in planning and purchasing inventory to support the delivery of quality care and so doing enhance eye health outcomes


What do these lists contain?

IAPB consults publications and panels of experts in their fields from around the world, many with considerable experience in resource-constrained settings to compile these lists. The experts reach consensus on equipment, instruments, pharmaceuticals, consumables and other resources considered as essential to provide quality eye health interventions. They also identify items that are desirable and recommend that efforts should be made to obtain these, budget allowing.


How are quantities calculated?

The lists provide general guidelines to calculate quantities and to facilitate planning and or budgeting. Please note, however, all responsibilities for decisions remain entirely with the programme leader / decision makers.


IAPB welcomes any feedback or comments or suggestions for new Essential Lists. Contact: Phil Hoare