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Company Information for all Non-Government Organisations on the IAPB List Genop Healthcare (Pty) Limited has evolved into a major player in the field of ophthalmology and optometry since its inception back in 1924, and, as such, has a vast amount of experience to back up its very comprehensive quality products range.

Amongst the 120 of our employees, are a number of key individuals with over 30 years of service to offer and by “service” we are proud to offer back-up support unrivalled in the industry.

Our footprint covers most of the Sub-Saharan Africa region, due to the faith our international suppliers have in Genop to deliver and back-up their world renowned quality instruments.

To ensure this, our Engineers are all factory-trained with immediate communication with the overseas Service Personnel on line, when necessary.

Our Sales Team is complemented by five Application Specialists who are qualified optometrists in their own right, to ensure our customers are able to achieve the maximum benefit from the instruments in which they have invested.

Where required, we are able to offer extended warranties on instruments, to further encourage our customers in making their long-term choices. Large orders for external locations are installed at no charge apart from airfares and accommodation for our technical personnel.

In all this it is our objective to make all your projects sustainable in the long term, and thus contribute to the noble cause of the prevention of blindness.