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Eurotech optical was established in 1989 and is the second biggest optical supplier of goods in South Africa. We also supply our products to Africa.

Eurotech Optical is also a supplier of all types of ophthalmology equipment such as yag lasers, Argon Lasers, operating microscopes, Autorefracters/Keratometers, chair & stands, fundus cameras, slitlamps, Edgers, Topographers etc.


Eurotech Optical is equipped with vast warehousing space in order to ensure that there is always a steady and smooth stock-flow between our Suppliers and our Clients. Most products are available on-hand however in the event that we are required to order in something which is not, a waiting period to land in goods in South Africa can take anything up to two (2) weeks depending on shipping methods used. Refraction units are usually kept in stock however due to the weight and size of product, it can only be brought in by Sea Freight and may impact the delivery time further.

Eurotech Optical holds stock of all spares / consumables for our products. In the event of any item being out of stock for whichever reason, we may remove the spare part required from our existing stock in order to assist our Clients faster.

Over the years, we have built strong relationships with various established freight forwarding Companies which escalates delivery turnaround speed when supplying our products into other African Countries.


All Equipment / Instruments carry a standard one (1) Year Warrantee. If something fails during this period, all costs pertaining to the specific fault are covered by us unless the failure is found to be due to power-surge damage, end user neglect and / or operator error. After the one (1) Year Warrantee lapses, then the costs involved are to be carried by the Purchaser and / or their Client.

This said, we have been actively involved with our manufacturers in the direct discussion regarding items that you may purchase, we can extend warranties upon Installation instead of the items in storage leading to a loss of warranty time. This is conditional that when installation occurs, we are informed where the item is installed and at what date so that warranties can be allocated correctly.

Purchasing of any products will ensure years and years of parts availability as opposed to Chinese and India Companies. If one of our products is discontinued parts should still be available for around five (5) to seven (7) Years from the factory. Thereafter, it is also possible to source via the Global distributer network which stands at three-hundred-fifty (350) strong.

Chinese companies have been known to change their designs overnight and in doing parts become unavailable in the same manner.


All installations, maintenance and repair work is conducted by our qualified Eurotech Optical Product Specialists who are both proficient in product knowledge as well as technical repair work. In some cases we may make use of qualified subcontractor. During installation / commissioning of Equipment / Instruments, we advise the end user on basic preventative maintenance procedures and requirements. Basic toolkits may be supplied if required and may vary depending on product type.

Maintenance of equipment, we can give you the option of one (1), two (2) or three (3) Years extendable. Upon your selection, our cost calculation will be based on the area, travelling time and parts required. We communicate with Clients and develop a report with information such as Product Condition, End User Complaints, Short S.W.A.T analysis of basic Preventative Maintenance Procedures and implementation outcome to allow for improved Product and Skills sustainability going forward.

Our technician Barns is already providing some of this service to you. He is contracted exclusively to Eurotech Optical and we are allowing him to assist with the Brien Holden Vision Institution installations and training of Equipment / Instruments not bought from us.

Using Technology such as Skype VOIP Call, Teamviewer Remote PC Desktop Support, YouTube, Dropbox etc. and where there is a computer available with internet access, our support technicians are able to assist in solving the smaller day-to-day challenges faced with by the end user. Costs involved generally will be total fuel / travel costs ,toll charges, accommodation charges and installation fees per hour .We are not looking to make anything additional on these fees, only to deliver the required service and cover our cost to do so. All on-going support via telephonic support, Skype support and email support will not be chargeable. Its very difficult to give figures now on exact installation and Maintenance costs as it needs to be calculated on an individual basis. One of the advantages of dealing with us is that we can give customised customer service, we can react faster to situations and make decisions quickly if required compared to other Companies. As a valued Client you have the ability to speak to a Manager and effect requirements in shorter time which is an important factor for an organisation such as yours in dealing with any (3rd) Third-World developing nation.


Gauteng (Head Offices) We have three (3) representatives operating from this area

Western Cape (Offices) We have one (1) representative operating from this area

KwaZulu-Natal (Offices) We have one (1) representative operating from this area

Eastern Cape (Offices) We have one (1) representative operating from this area (Sales representatives are all qualified sales staff and have technical background with ongoing refreshment training in order to install, service and repair all equipment / instruments supplied). Eurotech Optical have many Clients throughout Africa and trips to these territories are an ongoing when installing, servicing or repairing equipment we supply.


If the person is sent to us at our offices we will not charge for any training. In the event we are expected to go to Africa we can do the installation and training at the same time thereby making it one cost for travelling etc.

We view the technical training as an essential part towards sustainable maintenance of all equipment / instruments so long terms wise, our ability to effectively support Clients will always are there.

Cost implications are only for the Hotel charges, travelling charges etc. however we may relay labour charges depending on the situation and complexity of the area.

We are looking for ways to expand some technical presence. Our idea is to in Malawi for example, train a local person who can travel to various parts of Malawi and surrounding countries as Malawi is quite Central .These type of ideas can be put into place with the help and support of your organisation.

By training some one local will actually benefit in terms of them being able to earn a living and also being in a position to pass their knowledge along thereby benefitting both themselves individually and others within their communities. These are skills are near impossible to acquire without the assistance of the skills held within our Company.

Our current presence in Africa is that we regularly travel into various parts already. We have Clients in Countries such as Zimbabwe, Nigeria, DRC, Angola, Mozambique, Kenya, Nairobi, Namibia, Botswana etc. Our reach extends far beyond our borders and the market in Africa is opening up more and more as the knowledge of and demand for technology grows.