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Blog: New Valued Supplier: Sound World Solutions USA

For the first time in the history of the IAPB Standard List we have now introduced a HEARING section to the list through a new Valued Supplier, SOUND WORLD SOLUTIONS USA and their affordable hearing aids.

Sound World Solutions’ mission is to help people around the world hear better.

The company is uniquely positioned with both technology and products to take advantage of a market ripe for a new delivery solution. SWS hearing aid and personal amplifier products cost a fraction of what traditional solutions cost, our fitting and programming process is incredibly simple and easy to implement, and our approach allows for a quick ramp-up to large volumes while providing far greater accessibility of products and services. SWS has created a sustainable, profitable business model that is perfect for emerging markets, enabling low cost, low risk, rapid start-up. The technology fundamentally changes, and dramatically reduces, the cost and complexity of hearing assessment, distribution, customization and servicing for hearing products.

The World Health Organization estimates that 466M adults have disabling hearing loss, and this number is expected to double by 2050 due to ageing populations and new cases of hearing loss caused by untreated ear infections, ototoxicity, and noise exposure. Currently, WHO estimates that 72 million people worldwide need hearing aids, but only 10% have them, with coverage less than 3% in low- and middle-income countries (LMICs). Five suppliers control more than 90% of the hearing aid market and focus primarily on high-income countries (HIC) and high-value market segments in LMICs, such as wealthier, urban populations. Market entry barriers and acquisitions have kept the market consolidated in the hands of a few players.

Sound World Solutions has the technology to change this dynamic: a Bluetooth-enabled, user adjustable hearing aid with performance on par with highly sophisticated digital hearing aids. The cost-effective, non- conventional SWS distribution system has the potential to bring hearing to millions who currently have little or no access.

Company History

Stavros Basseas and David Green founded Sound World Solutions in 2007 because they wanted to make hearing technology more accessible, affordable, and easier to use for everyone. They recognized the obstacles in the current delivery of hearing aids and set out to devise a system that would address them. The resulting system is ideal for any market, especially developing markets. It is comprised of a digital hearing aid with a unique, cost effective hearing assessment and fitting/programming system that enables distribution outside of traditional, expensive channels with high barriers to entry.

Over the past 12 years, SWS has continued to develop advanced technology to address the issue of the underserved hard-of-hearing population. Our technology, and solution, has been recognized by several renowned institutions (e.g., Johns Hopkins University1, National Acoustics Laboratories2, Manchester University3, & others) and has been favorably compared to higher end hearing aids. The main difference between our technology and the traditional hearing aid technology is that our solutions do not require audiologists/professionals for initial fittings or follow-up adjustments. SWS is currently the only company that provides such a solution.


The SWS product portfolio consists of three different form factors with advantages in different markets. A newer version of the HD75 with a rechargeable battery and streaming capability will be available late 2020/early 2021. Our product line is ready-to-use out of the box or further customizable via our free app using a smartphone or tablet.

The SWS products come with ear tips that cover a very wide range of ear canal sizes, eliminating the need for custom earmolds. These patented low vibration ear tips help to further reduce feedback (along with our Feedback Cancellation algorithm) for more severe hearing losses.

Hearing-Aid_ HD75
HD100 Companion

Unique Delivery Method

SWS has developed not only hardware that is affordable but also fitting software that makes the whole solution accessible as well. SWS was the first to create an app that works on both iOS and Android that allows a user to self-customize the hearing device to their personal needs, without professional assistance. Our unique approach has allowed adults of all ages to select from pre-programmed settings and/or download our free app to fully customize the device to their hearing needs. We are presently working to get the product approved as a self-fitting hearing aid, under a new FDA regulation governing such devices.

The app itself has features that allows the user to run a self-hearing screening, program the device, and adjust different frequency bandwidths using an equalizer (for certain devices). Bluetooth streaming is also available in certain products.

Anyone interested in pursuing business opportunities with Sound World Solutions should contact the company directly at: Sargon Khamo, M.A.

VP, Sales & Customer Support Licensed Audiologist

Sound World Solutions

960 N. Northwest Hwy Park Ridge, IL 60068 p. 847-939-6101

c. 847-544-6181

[email protected]

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