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Blog: New Suppliers–Kowa

Kowa logo

I am pleased to welcome KOWA COMPANY LTD from Japan to the IAPB Standard List. KOWA are a quality based and reputable manufacturer with over 100 years of experience in ophthalmic equipment. We are pleased to feature:

The KOWA Portable Slitlamp

Kowa Portable slitlamp

Kowa’s latest portable slit lamp, SL-17, provides optimum stereoscopic observation with selectable magnifications and slit widths within a compact, lightweight, portable unit. Offering cordless operation, the SL-17 is powered by AAA rechargeable or dry cell batteries to provide long lasting, continuous operation of the extra-bright LED lamp.

KOWA Hand-Held Applanation Tonometer

KOWA Hand-Held Applanation Tonometer

The KOWA Hand-Held Applanation Tonometer is an easily adaptable and accurate tool that works on the Goldmann prism principle. The compact and lightweight design allows simple and easy operation and the built-in illumination enables use of the instrument regardless of the lighting conditions.

Both devices offer excellent value for money and a good alternative to other brands of similar devices.

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