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Blog: New Supplier – Omni Lens

Omni Lens Pvt. Ltd is an EN ISO 13485:2012 certified company belonging to renowned BGP Group who has succeeded in carrying out its vision to the new heights. Today this BGP Group has become one of the foremost groups in India with its long term historical background and business experience with sound financing strategy, competitive strength, advocating change and adopting progressive ideas & Technology. The Group has achieved great accomplishments in the business of Real estate, Hotel, Health, resort & Golf project, trading of Pipe and manufacturing of Ophthalmic products.

A National award winner Omni Lens Pvt. Ltd was established in early 90’s, promoted and managed by a highly efficient group of professionals. Omni has now become one of the leading manufacturers & supplier of CE certified intraocular lenses and other ophthalmic products (ophthalmic solution, surgical instruments, CTR Injector, Iris retractor, sterilization trays, diagnostic strips, sponges, drapes, gowns, masks) which are used during the cataract surgery. Omni prides in providing the world class product to the customer and attaining the trusted name for the manufacture of CE certified products. Omni has been now recognized globally as Benchmark of excellence in terms of quality and customer service. READ MORE

Click HERE to see their extensive range for Intra-Ocular Lenses (IOLs)

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