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Blog: New Products on the List

Oculus Easyfield C

The List now has some new additions—an interesting set of products and suppliers for LMIC markets. These are popular and well-known suppliers with a global network of distributors and after-sales service.

The OCULUS Easyfield C (and S) perimeters: Two portable, compact and lightweight perimeters with many features usually only available on larger desktop units. The Easyfield C comes with a chinrest and the slightly cheaper Easyfield S comes without one. OCULUS, a German manufacturer, is new to the IAPB Standard List. They have an international presence with a global network of distributors offering back up facilities. We think these perimeters are simple and appropriate technologies, portable and easy to use.

OCULUS also offers two types of adjustable loupes, one with 1.8 magnification and the other 2.5 fold magnification. Both are fully adjustable.

Ultrasound Scans: SONOMED, a well-known US manufacturer with an international presence, has added a full range of Ultrasound equipment: A, B, A-B, A-P Scans to the List. Their ultrasound equipment is extremely popular and they are able to support globally through their distributor network. All the scans are lightweight, fully portable with touch screen technology. The A and B scans come with a carry case.

Romeo Embosser Braille Embossers: ENABLING TECHNOLOGIES USA are offering their full range of braille embossers, from the legendary Romeo Embossers and Juliet Embossers to the newer Phoenix. All offer differing levels of embossing to suit the requirements of the users.

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