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Blog: New Product: 2.5 Vision Generation Spectacles

2.5 New Vision Generation

2.5 New Vision Generation Ready Made Spectacle and Sunglasses

The IAPB Standard List now hosts ESSILOR’s 2.5 Vision Generation Spectacles. 2.5 Vision Generation (2.5NVG) supplies Ready2Clip affordable Ready Made Spectacle and Sunglasses.

These revolutionary 2.5 Vision Generation Spectacles have symmetrical lens shape that allow pre-edged lenses to interchange between Right & Left side. More than 10 different frame styles, colours that allow different lens power to fit in on-the-spot. Spherical power: +4 to -4D (steps of 0.25D) , +/- 6 to +/- 4D (steps of 0.50D) and are under US$5.00/pair including lenses. Special discounts for IAPB members are available!

Clip-in Lenses range

R2C-C-M-(IAPB); New 2.5 Vision Generation spectacles

Sunglass range

SUN-M-(IAPB); new 2.5 vision generation range spectacles

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