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Blog: New IAPB Essential List–Simulation-based Learning

IAPB Essential List launch. IAPB El on Simulation learning cover, cropped

I am pleased to launch the IAPB Essential List: Simulation-based Learning (Cataract Surgery) and would like to thank the panel of experts for their valuable input in producing this Essential List. The list describes the items required for learning cataract surgery in a simulated environment. Simulation is designed to augment learning of diagnostic or surgical procedures, ultimately in order to reach better outcomes on actual patients.

To accompany this IAPB Essential List launch, I have produced a short 3-minute video narrated by Dr William Dean from the Community Eye Health Institute in Cape Town, titled: “A Guide to Establishing a Surgical Skills Centre”. Thanking Ms Robin Percy and the International Centre for Eye Health, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine for support with filming and editing the video.

Plans for the future

There are now five IAPB Essential Lists of Equipment featured on the Standard List, including the newly launched Essential List for Simulated Learning. On the horizon for 2018, I will be coordinating a review with the relevant panel of experts on a number of the current Essential Lists and the development of new Essential Lists, such as ROP and Paediatric. If there is an aspect of eye health that you believe would benefit from an IAPB Essential List, please let me know in the comments below.

The Essential Lists can assist NGOs, Ministries of Health, district health services, eye clinics and hospitals in decision-making planning and purchasing inventory to support the delivery of quality care. IAPB consults publications and panels of experts in their fields from around the world, many with considerable experience in resource-constrained settings to compile these lists. The experts reach consensus on equipment, instruments, pharmaceuticals, consumables and other resources considered as essential to provide quality eye health interventions.

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