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Blog: New Addition – Pellucid

Pellucid Networks is a company at the cusp of Medical imaging, Clinical information, and Cloud Computing technology, aiming to enable early detection and acceleration in avoiding preventable blindness. A global provider and market leader in cloud based clinical ophthalmic practice management and vendor & device neutral digital workstations.

Pellucid Mobility is an affordable, easy to use, portable system that turns a smartphone/ tablet into a comprehensive mobile eye examination tool.

Features include:

  • Visual Acquity Aid, Visual Acquity checks with dynamic eye charts
  • Disease Heat MapsAbility to geo-tag all the collated data, and create disease or symptom heat maps using the systems built in GPS
  • LED Flash Uses LED flash to obtain high resolution retinal images
  • Drugs & GlassesAbility to prescribe drugs and glasses, and present notifications for follow ups
  • Ability to make ophtalmic diagnostic services accessible to everyone, irrespective of location. Can be used for door to door screening, making it easy for patients to receive eyecare

For more information on Pellucid click HERE

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