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Blog: Wakefield Inspection Services

Inspection; Wakefield Inspection services

Wakefield Inspection Services is a family-owned, international, independent inspection company dealing with a wide range of goods and commodities. We have been trading as Wakefield Inspection Services Ltd since 1993; however our history dates back much longer. We operate in over 80 countries around the world. If we do not have an office in a country where you may need our services, we are always able to arrange someone from our neighbouring offices to assist. We currently work with a range of clients, including large multinational companies and governments, giving us good knowledge of local requirements.

Areas of focus

  • Pre-shipment inspection services: Including loading supervision, sealing supervision, weighing and sampling, and pre-loading quality control. This means that we can look after your items being shipped around the world to reduce the risk of incorrect goods being landed. We can also ensure that it is loaded safely to reduce risk of damage. We also supervise the sealing so at delivery, it can be seen if anything has been tampered with along the way.
  • Surveying: Need somewhere to store your goods? We can do facility surveys to ensure that warehouses or other areas are of a satisfactory standard. This will help reduce the risk of damage whilst in storage, and also ensure that your goods will be safe, with less risk of theft.
  • Post landed inspection services: Now that items have been delivered, we can offer you our services for seal breaking, devanning and tallying, ensure that items are off-loaded correctly. Should any damage have been caused, we can do a survey to let you know to the extent.
  • Collateral Management: We can offer 24/7 all round control and availability of your goods in warehouses to minimise your risk of loss.
  • Stock management: We can ensure that you know the right number of goods are going to the right places, again reducing the risk of lost goods and figures not adding up.
Wakefield logo

The services we offer are tailor made. We always ensure that our on-the-ground, local, highly trained staff are the eyes and ears for you and your goods. They produce reports at all stages to ensure you have the confidence that the goods are of sound quality, safe, secure and the right volumes are delivered to the right places.

By Ashley Lee

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