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Blog: IAPB Standard List – Year in Review 2019

IAPB Staff at Council of Members 2019

The IAPB Standard List has a long and well established heritage of over 30 years from its inception as a booklet publication to a highly respected on-line resource with over 25,000 unique visitors annually. IAPB being a peak body global alliance with a growing membership of over 150 members representing 400,000 health workers globally is ideally placed to lead the sector in its procurement requirements. NGOs and their partners, government bodies, trusts and large funders, charity and university eye hospitals all benefit from accessing a well-established resource from tried and approved manufacturers offering a wide diversity of eye health products.

To maintain the quality and value of the IAPB Standard List, one of my key areas of work is my relationship with manufacturers and suppliers to ensure that the right and appropriate technologies feature on the Standard List. I continue to strive and look for new technologies that will assist our members in achieving Universal Health Coverage. To achieve this, I meet the manufacturers and suppliers on a regular basis either remotely or face to face at conferences – see below for content.

During 2019 I am delighted to include the following manufacturers and suppliers to the Standard List and I welcome their inclusion and support: ARCLIGHT MEDICAL, CARL ZEISS, PLUSOPTIX, BHVI, DOT INC, PELLUCID, VISULYTIX, OERTLI, GLOBAL VISION 2020, DEEPAK CARE and DEVINE MEDITECH.

Earlier in the year I completely revamped and customised the Instrument and Consumables Section to make it more user-friendly and time-saving for users. All the instruments are now in sets (i.e. ECCE/PCIOL Set, SICS/PCIOL Set, ROP Set etc.) from leading quality manufacturers such as KHOSLA SURGICAL, APPASAMY, DEEPAK CARE, DEVINE MEDITECH & GEUDER.

Ophthalmic Society of South Africa (OSSA) Congress

Renee @ OSSA

I attended the Ophthalmic Society of South Africa (OSSA) Congress in Cape Town in March 2019 hosting an IAPB Booth and was assisted by Dr Rènée du Toit. This was our 6th year in succession, and probably the busiest. The Congress has opened many doors for us, and at least 5 – 6 of our featured manufacturers came on board as a result of this congress. I had meetings with many of our current manufacturers, and ORBIS who also had a booth at the congress.

Rènée speaking to a few ophthalmic nurses at OSSA on our booth during the Nurses day at OSSA (pictured above). We were able to display a small number of devices from Arclight, GV2020 and Aravind as well as promote the Standard List and Vision Atlas.

Jonathan Scollard (middle) and Eleanor McNab (right) from ORBIS USA

I met with Jonathan Scollard (middle) and Eleanor McNab (right) from ORBIS USA at OSSA on their booth. I also had the pleasure of meeting one of our other member organisations, SANCB at the event. Often at these events we are neighbours.

Another highlight of my South Africa trip was to visit the Pioneer School for the Visually Impaired in Worcester. I was given a comprehensive tour of the school by Colleen Marais and met several students – I was given a demonstration of skills learnt at the school by two of the students in the Orientation and Mobility Department, which was a complete eye opener to me. I also had the pleasure in presenting a donation of a brand new high tech Document Reader Camera from IPEVO Taiwan to the School, which was well received by Colleen.

Ms Audrey Sawall – the Operations Manager for the Eye Clinic at the Groote Schuur Hospital in Cape Town

I presented an ARCLIGHT Ophthalmoscope to Ms Audrey Sawall – the Operations Manager for the Eye Clinic at the Groote Schuur Hospital in Cape Town. Audrey won the ARCLIGHT in our OSSA prize drawer and was absolutely delighted with her prize. Audrey told me that she never wins anything and that she would make use of the device in her work at the hospital.

European Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgeons

ESCRS - Meeting from LR, Kasperi Kankare, me and Shane Hage from ICARE – holding the ICARE Rebound Tonometer

In September I attended the European Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgeons (ESCRS) Congress / Exhibition in Paris. The purpose of my trip was twofold – firstly to promote our Global Assembly (GA2020) in Singapore next year. Secondly, discuss our proposed new strategy for the Standard List in 2020. I managed between 33 – 35 exhibitor face to face meetings during the 3 days which was a challenge, but succeeded in my mission.

In the photo above: ESCRS – Meeting from LR, Kasperi Kankare, me and Shane Hage from ICARE – holding the ICARE Rebound Tonometer

Aravind / LAICO 2019 Summit

LAICO 2019

I was invited to attend the October Summit in Madurai by Aravind at the beginning of October. A few of the Standard List suppliers like AUROLAB, ESSILOR, FORUS HEALTH, REMIDIO, APPASAMY and VISION SPRING were present. We had presentations and discussions on inter organisational relations, red ocean traps and the models that undermine market-creating strategies; creating a market-driven organisation, and I presented on supply chain as an enabler. We all participated in the discussions and believe there is scope to broaden the discussions further. We may include a meeting at the GA2020 to take this further.

In the photo above: Phil at the LAICO Summit for 2019, “Companies as market-drivers, with other participants.

IAPB Council of Members Meeting, Dar es Salaam

My last organisational trip was to Dar es Salaam for the IAPB Council of Members. I would like to thank my friends from APPASAMY, AUROLAB, CARL ZEISS, DEEPAK CARE, DEVINE MEDITECH, FORUS HEALTH, ICARE, IMRES, KAPS, KEELER, OERTLI and PLUSOPTIX for participating and exhibiting at the event and I look forward to them booking space for the GA2020 next year.

I received extremely positive feedback from each one of the exhibitors. They were inspired about the event and the quality of the delegation. A number of the exhibitors also attended some of the session which also gave them a lot to think about.

Climate change

The highlight of the Meeting was not only the exceptional quality of the sessions, and incomparable networking opportunities, but my participation in the two-day Environmental Sustainability Working Group workshop. The purpose of the work shop was for the working group to meet together under one roof and plan the CoM session titled “What should IAPB Regional / Local Environmental Sustainability (ES) Programmes look like? – IAPB ESWG” in more detail. We also discussed the plan for our sessions at GA2020 and decided to rename and brand the working group “The IAPB Climate Action Working Group”. New members are welcome and all the presentations will be uploaded to the IAPB Website very soon.

Looking ahead to 2020

The World Report on Vision was launched on World Sight Day this year, and will focus our strategy for the next 10 years. I will ensure that the new version of the IAPB Standard List for 2020 will closely append to the World Report on Vision with particular emphasis on Universal Health Coverage, and link to the WHO GATE Initiative to make Assistive Technologies accessible by all.

Next year, our IAPB Global Assembly will be held in Singapore between the 12-14 October 2020. There are excellent sponsorship and exhibition packages. Please contact me for a prospectus.

Lastly, 2020 will see a major change and strategy for the IAPB Standard List. I shall announce the changes very soon.

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Philip Hoare – Procurement and Standard List Manager – [email protected]

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