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Blog: IAPB Environmental Work Group

Environmental Sustainability Work group in Kathmandu, Nepal

Did you know, healthcare emits 10% of the USA’s total greenhouse gasses. If the USA healthcare sector were itself a country, it would rank 13th in the world for green house gas emissions – ahead of the entire UK.

We are very interested to learn if any of your organisations are working in the area of environmental sustainability.

Environmental degradation and climate change are having devastating impacts in all parts of the world and particularly on the poorest communities. People in these communities often lack access to safe water and sanitation, to sustainable food and energy sources; they live in dangerous, polluted environments and face increasing risks due to natural and man-made disasters. These factors are having significant impacts on health and well-being.

IAPB have formed an Environmental Sustainability Work Group to tackle issues around environmental sustainability, one of the biggest global health priorities. A number of IAPB members including CBM, VISION UK, Fred Hollows Foundation, the Aravind Eye Care System and Royal College of Ophthalmology to name a few, together with supporting individuals proposed the formation of the working group.

The organisers would also be delighted to receive examples of the work you are doing in this area.

If you and your organisation would like to work alongside the members mentioned, please get in touch – contact details are at the bottom.

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