Arclight is an easy-to-use, pocket-sized ophthalmoscope made for diagnosing eye diseases in the developing world. Priced from as low as £5 per unit when purchased in volume, yet performing as well as traditional devices costing 100 times as much, it will enable health workers in out-reach or screening programs to make instant on-the-spot diagnostic decisions.

Lightweight, portable and solar powered, it is affordable for even the most under-resourced health clinics. Early and thorough eye examinations are vital for detecting diseases like cataract, trachoma, and diabetic retinopathy before they cause blindness. The device can also be used as an otoscope to look into the ears.

We are looking forward to the launch of the long-awaited Mk3 Arclight Low Cost Ophthalmoscope / Otoscope. The new and greatly improved device will have a new pushbutton switch and a better quality bulb, plus a few other improvements. Mr William Williams who designed and created the device has informed me that it will be available on the market via The IAPB Standard List in quarter 1 of 2018 subject to final production. We will announce the launch via this News Letter, and also on the IAPB Standard List.

The new and much improved ARCLIGHT MK3 will be ready to order in Quarter 4 2018

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  • Chargeable by Solar & USB
  • Clear magnified views of the media, fundus and ear
  • Otoscope attachment
  • Brilliant true-colour warm white, daylight & violet/blue LEDs
  • Loupe: ~x4 magnification
  • No replacement parts required
  • Easily cleaned
  • Low cost
  • In-built memory with educational content (coming soon)
  • Lenses/filters: (0), -3, -6, (green), +4
Arclight product image

In the kit

  • Scopes
  • 4.5mm & 2.5mm speculae
  • USB cables
  • Lanyards
  • Instructions
  • Model practice eyes
  • Educational posters
Arclight In The Kit

About Arclight

Arclight has been developed with help from The Fred Hollows Foundation. The foundation has a history of supporting pioneering, low-cost technologies that have had a tremendous impact on avoidable blindness: the work of Fred Hollows and others, helped create low-cost intraocular lenses in the 1990s revolutionising sight-restoring surgery.

To date, more than 8,000 scopes have been distributed in low-income countries through our partners.

Download paper The Arclight Ophthalmoscope: ​A Reliable Low-Cost Alternative to the Standard Direct Ophthalmoscope


In 2013, the Foundation’s eye health workers in Africa, Asia and Australia tested the device and reviews were overwhelmingly positive.

richard le mesurier

“This instrument will make a huge difference to so many eye health workers in remote areas – and the communities they serve. No replacing blown bulbs, no worrying if the battery is dead…”

Richard Le Mesurier FRCS FRCOphth IAPB Western Pacific Chair and Medical Director, The Fred Hollows Foundation

“Revolutionary Ophthalmoscope whose size and the cost belies its performance – a must for every ophthalmologist and clinician.”

R D Thulasiraj Executive Director, Aravind Eye Care System
jsandfordsmith profile image

“Direct ophthalmoscopy is an easily learnt and powerful technique. Modern, always to hand, and as light as a feather. Both home and away I would never be without it.”

John Sandford-Smith MBE, FRCS, FRCOphth emeritus consultant ophthalmologist Leicester Royal Infirmary

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Arclight featured in the media

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First batch of 10,000 has SOLD OUT

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