Consulting Services

An Intra-ocular lens, during cataract surgery.

In Phil Hoare, we have a unique resource whose knowledge of the procurement sector is a valuable asset that we can utilise to efficiently meet our collective procurement goals. IAPB Members and other stakeholders will be able to contract Phil as a procurement consultant to help meet large procurement projects. IAPB Members will benefit from being charged a lower consultancy fee – at 50% the rate applied to non IAPB Members.

Included within the consultancy services that Phil can offer are:

  • Training on procurement for eye health
  • Support for specific procurement requests with Phil’s input potentially ranging from one of general advice through to monitoring a procurement project e.g. working with a Member or other stakeholder to clarify exactly what they need, obtaining quotes, placing an order on behalf of the client, monitoring shipping, customs clearance, delivery to location, installation.

IAPB would not make purchase orders or make payments for goods on behalf of our clients – this would be the responsibility of the client.

If you are interested in securing Phil’s services, please write to him here: [email protected].

Standard List consulting rate card