How does it work?

Our ambition is to help buyers, particularly those from Low and Middle Income countries (LMIC, to make informed procurement decisions from IAPB Valued Suppliers.

The list is regularly updated to ensure that the products are relevant, appropriate and up-to-date. We are always looking for new innovative and affordable technologies in eye health and now hearing. You can help.

Do you have direct experience with a product? Contact us HERE by email.


The Standard List / Valued Supplier Scheme uses “Guide Price” for each product. A variety of pricing mechanisms are used in different markets and locations—RRP, RSP, List price etc. To ensure some consistency, IAPB uses a Guide price that is indicative of the price-range to expect for a product. Guide Prices are most useful when comparing different products and considering options against a budget. You should not assume that this is the price you will pay as the actual price of the product may vary depending on a number of factors, including country location, currencies, local distributors, quantities and other factors. Please negotiate directly with the supplier.

IAPB Members and their partners are eligible for discounts on a number of products available on the Standard List. Where these discounts are available, you will be able to click on a special button to claim the discount.

Procurement knowledge

Choosing between different products is just one part of the procurement process. Good procurement is based upon a sound understanding of what is required. To help with this IAPB has convened a number of expert groups to identify essential lists of equipment. Have you got what you need to run a good cataract, glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy, low vision service? – look at the Essential lists.

DISCLAIMER While the items on the list are chosen for their quality, IAPB can accept no responsibility for specific items. The list of suppliers is provided to help in obtaining information. It is not comprehesive and other suppliers are available. The prices quoted are approximate and do not included shipping costs. Orders for items on the list should be sent direct to the suppliers/vendors.

The Valued Supplier pack can be found here.


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